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When is a Heavy Duty Tow Needed?

Towing companies offer what’s known as a heavy duty tow when certain types of vehicles break down on the side of the road. This town is reserved for larger trucks and vehicles that breakdown. The heavy duty towing trucks are specialized to handle large capacity vehicles with ease and include a team of experts who can efficiently get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Tractor Trailers/Semi Trucks

Tractor trailers and semi trucks that overturn or crash into property or other vehicles may need to be towed. In such case, it is heavy duty towing lexington sc that is needed to safely and efficiently remove these vehicles from the area. 

Buses & RVs

Buses and RVs are two additional types of vehicles that require a heavy duty tow in the event of a breakdown. Due to the oversized nature of these vehicles, they require equipment that can handle the added weight and needs.

Extreme Vehicles

An extreme vehicle is one that has six or more wheels and includes items such as garbage trucks, Bobcats, and even recreational vehicles.  These vehicles are also larger and heavier than traditional vehicles and need the added protection that comes from heavy duty towing to maintain safety.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Tows

heavy duty towing lexington sc

When the vehicle listed above and other odd, oversized vehicles need to be towed, make sure to call for a heavy duty pro. This quickly gets the vehicle off the road and headed back to your home, the mechanic shop, or other chosen location. There’s no risk and you can be sure that the vehicle arrives back in the same shape as it left the pickup location. Heavy duty is needed to protect your vehicle and other drivers that you’re sharing the roadways with.

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