Most Common Signs of a Bad Transmission

Every vehicle has a transmission. It’s one of the most important components underneath the hood that keeps the car running smoothly and efficiently. When transmission problems occur or when there are defects, it’s important to get your vehicle into a professional at once. Delaying the repair only causes more trouble and expense later down the road.

Many signs suggest that there is a problem with the transmission in your car that you shouldn’t ignore Pay attention to the car and when the signs are there, make sure you get the vehicle into a mechanic at once. Some of the most common signs of a bad transmission include a lack of response when driving the car, shaking while driving, trouble switching gears, grinding noises, and whining.

If there is an issue with the transmission that is too big to repair, consider replacing it with a rebuilt transmission.  This option is much cheaper to use than a brand new transmission and easier to install, too. It’s a matter of a few hundred dollars, so do make the smart decision when transmission problems occur in your life.

rebuilt transmission

Make sure the mechanic you choose to make the repair is experienced handling transmission repairs and that he has a good reputation in the community. He should be someone who specialized in transmissions because they’re not the easiest to repair. Check prices by requesting estimates and never spend more money than necessary for the transmission work that you need.

Proper maintenance keeps many problems from occurring that may cause trouble with the transmission, but even then, mishaps can and will occur. Be prepared to handle the transmission problems your car experiences on a timely basis. The signs above are among the many that alert you to trouble.

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